Preparing for Prayer

Here are a few things you can do today to prepare for the next 12 days, and as you go through this list, I hope these steps build your excitement and inspire your creativity.

  • prepare a special place to pray (choose a room or closet, a quiet corner, a chair...)
  • find a journal to record your thoughts for these next 12 days  (You could uses a 3 ring binder, a spiral notebook, an art tablet, or put together some scrapbook or pretty paper with several sheets of lined paper to make a one-of-a kind prayer booklet.)
  • gather pens, colored pencils, highlighter, charcoal pencils, watercolors,... what ever you'd like to use in your notebook during your time with the Lord
  • choose your Bible (be it your favorite translation or a favorite worn copy)

If you have extra time, consider how you can make your place of prayer more inviting:
  • place your tools (journal, Bible) in a cute basket or decorated "prayer box"
  • put your pens in a mason jar, vase, empty flower pot, or pretty mug
  • choose a scented candle
  • put together a small basket with teas
  • choose a favorite quilt or cozy blanket
  • maybe hang a few Christmas lights
Sometime this evening before bed, come to your quiet place and be still.  Rest in the Lord's presence.  Ask Him to speak to you over the next few days, and spend a few minutes listening to what He would say to you.