Prayer Days

Since 07-07-07, I have had monthly and annual days of prayer.

My monthly prayer days are
January 1st, 01-01
February 2nd, 02-02
March 3rd, 03-03

These are the first dates I mark on a new calendar each year.

On these days, I simplify my schedule as much as possible to allow for more time to pray with simple meals, no laundry or extra household chores (I try to do a little extra tidying the day before to make the house a especially inviting.), and no unnecessary appointments.  I give my children lighter, more independent school work; and encourage them to play quietly or have their own special time with the Lord when they finish their assignments.

My annual prayer days have fallen on
and that brings me to this year... 12-12-12.

On these special days, I clear my calendar completely and spend the entire day alone with the Lord reading, praying, and listening. 

Through the challenges posted here, I hope to give you a taste of why these days for prayer are my favorite of the year.


2013 Up-date

As the years go by, I find I am more addicted to seeking the LORD.  The longer I know Him, the more in awe I am at the endless depths of His word and His character.  The more I seek, the more I find and the faster the hours fly. 

I've started scheduling two prayer days a month, the days mentioned above (01-01, etc.) and also the 13th of every month (for 2013; next year the 14th for 2014).  I rented a small apartment at the shore to pray this year, and I took my mother with me.  It was a wonderful experience, but I confess, I missed being absolutely alone with the LORD.  I am inviting a group of ladies to join me for a full week away to seek the LORD during 2014; but this year, I will also guard one day at home, 24 sacred hours, for just Him and me.